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Updated: Mar 31

Hello Everyone, we have started to get some tour details in, so we thought we would like to share with you

While the band have been busy doing their Acoustic EP and writing a new album, for release later this year,on the management side we have been busy with the media, and our record company and promoters trying to arrange shows for later this year.

We are pleased to announce now we have confirmed 3 shows in Denmark at the tall ships race in Aalborg. The dates are 4th,5th 6th of August - we are waiting to confirm the actual location, but as far as we know now it will be down on the harbor in a big tent; free entry is promised (though not confirmed) with a show time of 2100 each evening. We are so looking forward to this chance to rock Aalborg

We are also waiting on confirmation of a tour in Germany starting around the 30th August. You’ll be aware that a lot of places are still under covid restrictions, and this is why it is taking time to get conformation - a lot of places in Germany are still re-booking shows from a year ago which is making finding new venues difficult.

We are also waiting on confirmation for shows in Denmark starting around the end of September.

stayed tuned on our social media for updates as we get them

some dates for 2023 are coming in as well

You can still buy items from our shop - most items are in both our UK and European shops Don’t forget to stream and share our new EP (also our other music)! The more we play, the more chance these big companies will notice us

Please do not forget to check out our YouTube channel CoastMusicTV and all other social media go in and like and subscribe. The Band and management would like to thank you for your support, and we all hope for bigger things to bring to you in the future

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