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Summer Update

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Hello all Coast fans

First welcome to all the new subscribers you are all very welcome don’t forget to check out our other channels as well, you can also download a APP for the webpage so its easy to use on you mobile devices

Some other SM channels (don’t forget to subscribe please)

most of these and Instagram can be found at the top of the web Page.

The band are busy getting ready for our first tour since before Covid which was end of 2019

It all feels rather strange but are we excited about it? you bet we are its going to be so good getting back in front of an Audience again and playing live

The first part of the tour in August takes us to 2 shows in Denmark and one in Hamburg Germany we hope to see there,you can find links on the tour page or on Facebook, second part will be in Oct again in Denmark but this is our postponed 2020 shows.

We also have a small showcase to do in August as well.

We are working on tours for next year so stay tuned.

We also have been very busy with interviews in quite a few German Rock magazines which our record company has been arranging for a big heads up for them doing a lot of work

We also have new merchandise in our shop and our two shop Staff are looking forward to sending items out , we have 2 shops one based in Europe (Aase runs this) and UK (Pete looks after things there ) this way we do not have to send items through customs if you order in the UK its sent from the UK same in Europe , both shops do the rest of the world as well.

New Items include

Beanie hat with coast name and logo embroidered on them

Car stickers

Beer mats (coasters)


And of course CDs

Of course all our music is on Spotify the more we stream the more notice Spotify takes of us

So from everybody at COAST

Hope to see you at some shows and enjoy the rest of the summer

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