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Student Designers Provide 2022 COAST Tour Graphics

Over the next couple of months, you will see our advertising for the 2022 tour schedule. Usually, this is put together by the record company, an ad agency or our PR manager, Andrew.

But this time, we had a rather special group of individuals help us produce the campaign – 16-18 year-old students of Churchill High School in Eugene, Oregon, USA!

We heard that they needed a project as part of their graphic design capstone class where they are tasked with applying the skills they’ve learned over the course of 2 years of coursework. So we thought we’d offer them the job!

Some of the students; l-r: Liberty Johnson, Aurora O’Neill, Muna Möller, Allie Penfold, Miles Yates

Over Zoom, we discussed our requirements, such as our preferences for colour & font, and the locations & dates for the shows. We sent them a written brief along with recent photos of the band and asked each student to come up with their best design. In return, we promised to provide constructive feedback for their course credit and, if we liked anything well enough, we might use the actual work in our live campaign.

And wow! What a response! We’re not just being polite when we say we were blown away by the submissions …… the work was so good, we had a huge task on our hands narrowing our choice – we wanted to use them all!

Ultimately, we have initially chosen work by student Max Heck. We loved his simple but powerful graphic which emphasised the band image while still making it easy for the reader to read the information, whatever the publishing media. You’ll see his great work in our tour posters on all our usual channels.

We’d like to thank all the student for their work, though; we loved it all and we’re so pleased to see that the future of advertising and graphic design is in safe hands! We wish them all success in their chosen careers!

Some of the fabulous student design work

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