Message from Paul and Finlay

Hello dearest friends and supporters. It is my pleasure to present this EP of Acoustic COAST tracks for you. It was something we were wanting to do for some time and with record company belief, we selected, recorded and released these ‘songs of the heart’ tracks. I sincerely hope you enjoy the pure sound of Finlay’s classical guitar, my acoustic piano and of course my voice in this new set of recordings. Thank you all to those who continually support us. Please keep up with the streaming as this is what will help push us into a bigger audience. Great job to everyone involved and now I must focus on a new album. Much love, Paul.

Hi Everyone. Delighted and excited to be sharing news of our new acoustic EP 'On This Day'. This was a lovely project to record (for many reasons) but the chance to get back to nylon string guitar, where my own musical journey began, was a real treat. I hope you enjoy.


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