Heads up for 2022, Lots Happening

Hi Coast Fans Or affectionately known as Coasties.

A very happy 2022 to you all and we hope you all had a great time no matter what the circumstances where or wherever you are in the world.

The world as we new it threw us loads of curve balls in 2021 with touring on and off and cancellations over the whole music branch - we at COAST were lucky we managed our OCT tour in DK, and the single show in Germany (lucky Hamburg)

Since then, we have not been touring,but of course the record company likes to keep us busy, so Paul, Chris and Finlay have been busy on a couple of projects: one is a ambient music CD. We have taken 4 of our older songs and sort of unplugged and deconstructed; all very classy - we think you will like them; we certainly do! These will be on our streaming services very soon.

Preview of the new Acoustic EP Cover

We will let you know so keep your eyes on all Social Media for details.

New Album under way

The other major project is, of course, the new album. Work is coming along fine on this - the bare-bones are all laid down, Finlay has been in Denmark together with Paul working on it they even managed to get snowed in!

Anyone got a shovel

Paul mixing

The new CD will be released later on in the year.


On the touring side, plans are underway for 2022 and if everything goes to plan there will be a tour in Germany and Denmark. We are still working on the UK - things are made difficult by the fact that shows have been pushed back for almost 2 years now because of Covid 19 so its hard to find spots in between, but no fear, we have some confirmed dates and as soon as I get the go-ahead we will let you know.

So what else? If you check our shop, you will see we have some brand new coffee mugs these are really a limited stock so grab them while they are there. There’s also some Merchandise packs we have put together on offer, and if you buy over £50 of goods then you will get free postage, so take a trip to the store and have a shop around.

Please don't forget to keep streaming our music help get us noticed

So on behalf of the band

Paul, Chris, Finlay, Mathias, Ewan, Georgie

The Management Kevin

Media management Andrew

Merchandise management Aase

UK Office Mike

UK shop Pete

We wish you all the best for 2022 and hope to see you out there.

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