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Exciting News for COAST fans old & new!

As announced in this months Newsletter, our record company has been keeping the band busy while the new album is being completed …….

So our new “On This Day" Acoustic EP re-visits some of our earlier work. All the songs have been re-arranged and are new recordings.

The record company said “The focus on the pure & basic does not always work, but in this instance Paul’s soaring vocals coupled with singularly beautiful guitar and piano have a very powerful effect. The sheer soul and deeply rooted emotion of these songs get uncovered and creep right under your skin”.

We hope you agree and enjoy them!

Officially released on 18 February 2022, you can pre-order your download here:

Also keep your eyes open on our Social media

for a preview of one of the songs very soon

You might also have missed our winter sale in the COAST online shop we have some exclusive mugs (very limited quantity ) Beanies,stickers,Beer mats check it out free postage on all orders over £50

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