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All the Way from Oregon, USA!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

How would you define a super-fan?

Lance Eagen is an Art & Design teacher who lives in Eugene, Oregon in the USA and he travelled all the way to Denmark just to see COAST play on the recent Tour!

We spoke to Lance about the band, his trip and his thoughts on the gigs.

Lance “discovered” COAST like many other fans on the web. He’s a big fan of bands like Runrig and Big Country and after watching videos of them, YouTube suggested he might also like COAST – so he watched, listened and was hooked!

“It’s difficult to say exactly what I like about them”, Lance told us, “Clearly they kind-of fit into a genre I follow, but there’s just something different about them – the lyrics are intelligent, the melodies capturing”. His favourite tracks are numerous, but he especially likes “No More Heroes” and “Oceanos”. “I love the stories the band weave into many of their songs”, he enthuses, “it’s not just about love & loss like many bands, but often there’s an interesting tale being told, which I enjoy”.

Lance made the exhausting 27.5 hour trip from Oregon to see COAST perform at Greve & Naestved in Denmark and Malmo in Sweden in September. He told us “It was a very long journey but super-worth it! The band come across as very seasoned musicians; the shows were so tight and just oozed professionalism”, He continued “Everything about the gigs was right for me – I loved the comprehensive set-list, the audio effects such as on “That Old Atlantic Sky”, the amazing light-show particularly at Portalen in Greve and of course your secret weapon, Georgie; her harmonies with Paul were incredible. Overall, I was thrilled!”

The band were able to meet Lance and share some time with him after the shows; it was a real privilege to meet someone who was prepared to travel so far just to see them perform. Lance told us, “What lovely people - I really appreciate how level-headed and down-to-earth they all are ....... no sign of rock-star egos!”.

So is Lance the definition of a super-fan? In speaking to him, we get the impression that he’s far too humble and down-to-earth a guy for such a label but we’re certainly glad to have him representing our US fan-base so enthusiastically.

Thanks Lance; very much appreciated!

Words: Andrew King Pic: © Coast Music Productions 2021

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